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When the CEO of our company came down with diverticulitis some years ago, he began to research the problem on the Internet (our CEO has 30+ years in the software field which helped his quest).  The solution he found was by trying out various cultures like kefir and other milk derivative, then finally making different yogurts which eventually led to the creation of Yomast.

Although there are no clear answers on why digestive issues have become so prevalent in the late 20th century, one thing is clear: Digestive tract issues have been steadily on the rise since early 1900's and the processed food we eat is not helping; and the antibiotics we take make matters worse.  Because antibiotics also kill good bacteria that our digestive tract needs to break down the food we eat.  

Yogurt is an excellent source of good bacteria. Yogurt not only can help our digestive system but it is also a good source of vitamins and other nutrients.

We hope you enjoy our Yomast.  We stand behind our product and guarantee its freshness and taste.  I am sure you will agree once you taste our yogurt. By the way, not to worry, our CEO is doing great these days! 

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